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With the economy being difficult for most folks, many are looking for ways to create an extra income or even a main income if they’ve experienced job loss. The internet and the advent of social media has opened the door to creating an income from home faster and more successfully. Unfortunately for some, the price point of many home-based businesses are too high or out of reach for most folks. But fortunately there are a few opportunities that are very low cost and even FREE to join. In this article, I’d like to share one that I’ve discovered…


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With the economy taking a bit of a plunge, times are tough for a lot of people. And this is especially hard this time of the the year with the holidays approaching. People want to have a little extra money to help make it a special day for their loved ones but many find themselves struggling.

Obviously, for those of us who know how to create an income through network marketing or some form of home-based business opportunity, we feel we have the answer. But some of the programs that we might participate in may be out of reach for some folks who are financially-challenged due to circumstances beyond their control. Many of these folks are are just basically broke and are just surviving on what they have. Even an inexpensive opportunity is a hard sell for someone that has to use what they have for gas or food.

So what do you do if you have someone who is really interested in doing something more for the money but just can’t spring for it?

I have an answer. It’s called the Feeder Program concept. I know of a great little program that cost nothing to join and a person can make $20 multiple times a day, again with NO investment at all.

With a little bit of training and some effort by the prospect, your broke prospect can earn money to help fund their basic needs and also be able to come up with the money to join YOUR opportunity. You essentially use a FREE program to help your prospect make FREE DAILY money as a hand-up to join your main opportunity. It can also be a way for the prospcct to learn how to market before joing your opportunity. The Feeder Program concept is a win-win for everyone.

Check out this SIMPLE FREE money-making program to use as a Feeder program for YOUR prospects. And by the way, you can earn from having your prospects join you in it as well…remember it’s FREE!

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The Clock is Ticking...Seize the Moment!




Another second has gone by…
Another minute, hour, day, month
and year…
They’re gone forever,
Never to be seen, felt, or
experienced again.

Each one gives us the opportunity
to live life fully: To lend a hand,
to tell someone “I love you”
& that you care, to hug a child,
to heal a wound, to right a wrong,
to say “I’m sorry”, to help a lost
person find their way, to share
with one who is in need, to listen
& console a hurting heart, to
give thanks for the blessings in
your life, to lead the way, &
a thousand other significant
things we feel we always have
time for.

BUT the clock strikes midnight for
each of us. And the opportunity to do
all the things we planned or should
have done will have come & gone.

Seize the moment! Sieze the Day!

Do it now while you’re living in this
very present minute…while the
clock is still ticking…ticking, ticking…

Because soon…the clock will strike
midnight for each of us, including you!

Think about it!



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